Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventures in cookies

Those who know me know my cookies. I love to bake cookies. Not because I am madly in love with eating them, there is just something magical about creating a perfect cookie.
Maybe it's because I think so many get it wrong. All the manufacturers have. They make hard, crunchy, and listless cookies that bore both my mind and palette. Or maybe my love for cookies is in my genes. My mom was always known for her cookies. I can't say I ever even saw her use a recipe. She would just suddenly emerge from the kitchen with a batter laden bowl and dough hook (one for me, one for my brother). But either way, I love cookies. And I love pretty much everything about them.
As I have found over the years, everyone has their own taste in cookies. There are those who love the burnt ones. Those who love the crispy crunchy ones. Those who would just prefer to eat theirs raw. And then.. and then there are those who love a thick, chewy and melt in your mouth cookie. That is me. My Uncle Dale used to say the perfect cookie can be bent in half without breaking. My mission in life has been to search for that perfect cookie.
Okay, so I've explained my love affair with cookies. But the blog? I want to share my experiences with cookies. My ideas, my creations, my triumphs, and my defeats (hopefully less of these than the former). I'm not sure if I will be putting the recipes up yet. We'll see. One day I'd like to have my own little cookie shop and put out a little cookie cookbook. But as for now, my baking will be confined to my little kitchen. Their consumption, however, has no limit. :)

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