Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting creative

Okay, so today I am getting really creative. Tonight is the last night for my bowling league and I am going to be bringing some cookies. Over the last few weeks, I have brought quite a few different varieties. I was having a tough time thinking of what kind of cookie I could bring today. So, I am going off the wall and using this as an excuse to go nuts.

Crazy Cookie #1: The What's Up Doc?
This coo
kie is inspired by carrot cake. With shredded carrot, dried pineapple, and t
oasted coconut. I tried a version of these before with white chocolate chips in them, but they were way to sweet. I cut down the sugar to help out with this problem as well. End result? The cookies came out very moist and chewy. Yum yum. Next time, more cinnamon and ginger. They are a little lacking on the spice side. Also, I added cream cheese into the dough. Although I don't think it is a noticable flavor. I'd like to figure out a way to get the cream cheese in there without putting a frosting on it. That would just be too sweet I think.

Crazy Cookie #2: The Holy Roller
A cookie inspired by cinnamon rolls. Took a sugar cookie dough and prepared it up like a cinnamon roll, then drizzled cream cheese icing on top. I used a cookie dough that was more suited for drop cookies than roll out. I think this was a problem. In the future, I will go for the roll out dough. I also used canned frosting (for pure convenience) Maybe something different next time. The cookies turned out really huge and the batch only made about 15. I think with the roll out dough, I can get smaller cookies, thus getting more.

Crazy Cookie #3: The Pub Crawler
My goal: get a beer flavored cookie. I added about 1/3 cup of Black Butte Porter, but did not end up with a beer flavor. In the dough I added crushed pretzels, peanuts, and peanut butter chips. Although not tasting like beer, the rest of the cookie was really good. The crunchy pretzels were a nice surprise and there was a salty peanut flavor as well. I think next time I will top them with a nice twisted pretzel for decoration. Again, a nice and soft cookie. Although non-alcoholic, tasty none the less.

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