Sunday, September 6, 2009

Please Sir.. can I get S'mores?

Time is counting down. A cool Oregon monday night and I am getting ready to get married on saturday. But somewhere in the middle of folding programs and packing favors, I took some time out to make some more cookies for my friend Jake. Jake, it should be mentioned, is pretty much the only reader of my blog. So.. I bake him cookies. It is a fair trade.
3 batches are in the works. Batch number one is an ode to S'mores. It is basically a chocolate cookie recipe with 1/2 of the flour replaced with ground graham cracker. Next, I rolled the cookie dough in graham cracker crumbs before putting it on the baking sheet. Baked for 13 minutes, then pulled the cookies out and topped them with mini marshmallows. This proved more difficult than I had anticipated. I don't know what will be the easiest method for doing the marshmallows, I feel more trial (and errors) are needed. I put the cookies back in for about 30 seconds with the oven on broil to toast up the marshmallows. Lastly, I drizzled melted chocolate over the top. And, TA-DA! S'mores. I have to admit, however that I think these cookies are just as messy as the original treat. But, that is the price you pay for delish.


  1. But I read your blog like 5 times, so really you have at least 5 readers!

  2. So I am a follower now, how about them apples Jake?