Monday, October 12, 2009

Back from the tropics!

Wow.. It has been exactly 1 month since the wedding. Crazy.

So here is an update on my adventures in baking for the last month.
September 12... The wedding. FYI for those who weren't able to make it, the wedding featured a massive cookie extravaganza. Massive. I am estimating that I made about 400 or so cookies. I can't even really remember everything I made. By the time I got in to the reception area, the cookies had all disappeared. I guess they were popular.
September 13-31 Costa Rica. Adventures in Costa Rica were pretty adventurous. The highlights include a tour of a coffee plantation and a chocolate plantation. Yums. I felt very inspired to make cookies. And chocolate. Maybe it will be a
new adventure soon. We found great travel buddies in Costa Rica, Susan and Jay. While there I did a bit of baking, which was pretty fun. I honestly can't go 2 full weeks without making any cookies. They turned out.. well.. interesting to say the least. Creaming butter and sugar by hand is not recommended.

October 1-Now. We have been trying had to get everything put away from the wedding. It has been quite the chore. I've been doing some baking, some new flavors. I will continue in detail in another post.

BTW.. the pic is me hugging an organic shade grown Costa Rican coffee plant. The tree of life.

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